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We believe in delivering a high standard for all tree service needs. We are one of the leading tree service specialist due to our expertise, experience and professionalism. Not only can we remove that tree that has you concerned, but we can process it and dispose of it. One of our team will visit you and the tree to put together an accurate quote. We can even break down the wood for the winter so you’ll always have firewood.


In addition to simple tree removal, we also handle tree lopping, stump grinding & chipping services, moreover we can provide help for ailing or dying trees. Our business is trees, and if you need an expert, we are one free quote away from taking care of your problems.


DIY Tree maintenance?

Tree Removal is not the kind of activity you should be trying on your own. Our skilled team of professionals have been practising and mastering the art of tree removal for years. Depending on the health of the tree requiring removal and where the tree is located many things have to be taken into consideration. You really do not want your tree removal to go wrong, so leave it in the hands of a pro. Call A tree removal specialist today.

Looking for an experienced tree service company?

When it comes to Tree Services,  Sydney certainly has its fair of tough, challenging projects that you need a crew of trained professionals to manage it. Whether it is a dead tree about to fall or you are moving trees in preparation for a new house build or land clear we can help. Whatever your project, the TTS Tree Service has the manpower and expertise to get your unsightly tree problems removed from your property cleanly and safely.

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